Posted by: iamlillian | October 20, 2010

Joie de vivre: Frankie issue 38

So I walked approx. 2km return to get a copy of Frankie new issue from my local newsagency. I was smiling all the way because i was carrying a handmade totebag from Janice which just arrived yesterday in the mail. I knew the moment i pulled the totebag out of the parcel, it would be perfectly fitting for Frankie zine! Like it were meant for Frankie. I was listening to the mixed cd she compiled for me on my ipod as i walked.

the lovely Joie de Vivre translated as 'Joy of Life'

It was slightly cloudy and blowy but sunny on my way to the newsagency. Seconds after i stepped outside, dark clouds were looming in and sure enough, they started spitting drops of rain.

so i started to speed up my pace, eventually running when the rain got heavier!

‘ahhhh…i must protect the cute totebag and frankie from the rain!!’ i thought to myself. haha.

ok, so

it’s 4:15pm now. soon i’ll be at work. sigh.

but Frankie will accompany me for the night. lol.

more photos of Inside Frankie zine at my artblog. check them out! i’m drooling over them already. kekeke.


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