Posted by: iamlillian | November 22, 2010

The Daily Goodness

Daily Goodness starts at Breakfast!

With Sam visiting, it was a good treat to have breakfast outside each day at various breakfast places I’ve read about on Urbanspoon. Also, it’s always fun to share a meal and check out new places with a company. hehe.

Here’s sharing the brekkie adventure we had…

Mon-Fri Breakfast Menus

Monday: Brekkie at the Greenhouse. $$$

Sweet & Savoury: Crepe with blood orange & scrambled eggs with wild mushrooms & sausages.

Tuesday: Picnic brunch at Kings Park. $

macaroons bought from La Galette de France & custard buns homemade by Michelle! & tuna sandwiches & fresh mango, banana, orange & strawberries, crackers, corn chips and dips. (healthy ho!)

Wednesday: Brekkie at Milkd. $$

Sweet & Savoury: Macaroons and Milkd plate: scrambled egg & crispy italian sausage.

Thursday: Brekkie at Choux Café. $$$

cappuccino & mocha, macaroons (crispy on the outside chewy inside, the best!) & pistachio gateau.

Friday: Brekkie at 33 Degree South. $$

the hearty ‘Big One’ sharing for two & organic juices. It was a superhot day. thought we would give coffee a miss.

Start each day with a Good Breakfast puts a smile on the face! 😀


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