Posted by: iamlillian | November 30, 2010

november comes and november goes

my my, i hardly post anything here for the whole November! i am such a slacker. sigh.

so much has happened and much needed reflections which i have been accumulating but somehow lost in between…with life not stopping; the clock ticking on. Sometimes i like to imagine a remote control which i could press <pause> button…but i know the reality.

so i lay on my bed with my eyes shut, trying to get at least another 2 hours of sleep before work tonight. but looks like i have failed.

my mind is in conflict with my exhausted body. The mind decided not to rest, stuck in the endless cycle of scattered thoughts. Could it be the 2 cups of earl grey overnight that might still have their caffeine effect on me. palpitations and the weary thought of i might crash at work if i dont get my ideal hours of sleep.

sadly, the plan of sound sleep of 6-7hours did not work out. not today. not in the hot sauna-like weather like today. sigh.

and here i am babbling away…with a confused mind. (am i tired? yep. then why i couldnt sleep like a baby?)

maybe i should not type on such mental state. But the train of thoughts wouldnt slow down. going round and round in my head. stubborn.

but why should i dwell on negative thoughts..for a second life can seem so overwhelming, well, only if you let yourself to believe that…but at that very second you could switch off those negative thoughts and tune into positive thoughts.

then i thought, gee, it’s 30th November 2010 today. time for some reflections! before life rushes into the last month of the year.

there are so many things i am thankful for. Big chunk of good things to chew on. 🙂

unfortunately they are all scattered around in my head right now. swimming round and round inside my head. And i find myself fishing different bits of thoughts to ponder upon and be glad about…all the times, everywhere. especially during night shifts. Perfect time to think about the noble thoughts, the lovely thoughts and my heart just cries for joy thinking about the new happy couple, the smile on my patient’s face, happy music, and the list goes on.

oopsy, time to get going again.

back to work in a tick. with a lighter spirit now. despite the lack of sleep and the moody weather.

i can choose to smile.

to make life easier for all.




  1. I know it’s difficult to juggle when you got a shift work, but make sure to have a good rest! 😀

  2. Hi Jo! thanks!! i had a better sleep today! feel much better now…ready for another night at work! 😀

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