Posted by: iamlillian | March 31, 2011

March Wrap-Up…

of a few firsts…

First time meeting my little cute niece, Bel…meaning now i’ve become an auntie!!

Exactly 3 weeks old today! Pic taken by her proud mommy.


play time!

love her thick-with-natural-highlights-hair. i think Bel has a cooler hairstyle than me!

First time to Moonlight Cinema. Watched ‘Hereafter’ under the starry nightsky. Feat. Matt Damon who played a psychic role. I love the soundtracks of the movie. A moving story talking about the fragility of life in other words, death & lost of loved ones.

MoonLight Cinema, Kings Park


First time learning how to crochet.

crocheting a circle


Today was the last class and i managed to complete A hand warmer. not quite a pair yet! Hopefully this will lead to many more crochet projects! Like a little beanie for Bel during winter etc.

a hot pink hand warmer


First attempt on making macarons!

first attempt

followed by a few other attempts…

coffee & pink with chocolate ganache

macarons for breakfast!?

Along the way..i’ve made a few mistakes here and there…and slowly getting the ‘feel’ from the start of reading/researching macaron recipes to separating the eggwhites and ageing them for a few days in the fridge to whisking to sieving almond meal (which was really time consuming…maybe i shouldn’t be bothered to sift it) to folding in the dry ingredient to piping (which was a technique to master! i didn’t get it right and made huge mess) and watching those gorgeous macaron feet developing in the oven!

gosh i have become so domesticated with all these baking, cooking dinner, crocheting…what’s next!?


A brewing mind

Friday evening I made my first attempt on making macarons.
For some reason, i have become obsessed with macarons lately. I think it was partly because i bought Poh’s cookbook from Borders (with discount! yay!) There’s a recipe on macarons inside!

image from ABC website

and partly also because recently i found a patisserie making delicious macarons in my neighbourhood! Like just 10min walk (5min drive) away! I was smitten by the deliciously sweet macarons!

a post i posted in tumblr after first attempt on macaron-making…

trial 1

these were my first attempt on making macarons.

they were in odd shapes…taste more like meringue without the chewiness in the center…

but i was glad that they have feet! haha!

the first time experience was…

macaron-making take #2 tonight supposedly to be better since i realised some mistakes i’ve made in the first round…

but failed even worst than first time…coz my macarons have no feet…

i actually tried to trouble-shoot to save the batch…so i added more icing sugar, more almond meal…more egg whites…LOL…they turned out to be COOKIES!! lol!!!

still tast quite good for cookies. 😛

i didnt beat my egg whites stiff enough…i think..that was the error i’ve made for tonight’s attempt.

oh well…i’ll keep trying until perfection!

Adieu March…

Thanking God for His faithfulness and blessings! x


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