In less then 140 characters (well, not quite), i am a nurse at the crossroad of her life. Nursing is dynamic and i enjoy it. But my mind often wanders off thinking about art, designs and crafts.

anyway…i use this blog to share the things that fascinate me, sometimes just typing down personal experiences of everyday life.

a little bit more about me: 

Since i came to Australia, I slowly learned to like vegemite. especially on toast.

when i was growing up i wanted to be an artist.

i really need to relearn piano.

The next thing i wish to own is an awesome vintage style bicycle.

I always wanted a dog as my pet. but i can only afford fish for now.

Some of my ever growing interests: art, designs, travelling , crafts, visual arts, postcards, art galleries, book covers, art magazines, stationery, book shops, op shops, photography, cycling, reading, hymns, pop alternative music, jazz, classics, comedies, art blogs, Flickr, quirky, whimsy, vintage, culinary, movie trailers.

i want to think that i am embarking on a journey that will surprise me in many ways. so watch me!



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  4. Hi, nice to meet you !

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