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Christmas Child Operation

This Christmas, You could make a difference in a child’s life.

Operation Christmas Child is a unique project of Samaritan’s Purse that brings joy and hope to children in desperate situations around the world through gift-filled shoe boxes.

It provides an opportunity for people of all ages to be involved in a simple but hands-on project that has the power to transform children’s lives.

In 2009, our teams in Australia and New Zealand delivered over 300,000 gift-filled shoe boxes to South East Asia and the South Pacific. Globally, Samaritan’s Purse distributed an estimated 8.5 million shoe boxes to children in 105 countries.

As each shoe box gift is delivered, it is treasured by the child that receives it, and is a lasting reminder that he or she is precious to God.- Operation Christmas Child

This year my church has participated in this special operation. I have participated in previous years and this year it’s no exception. Thinking about the happy smiles on the faces of  little ones receiving the gifts as i pack the shoebox.

i've made a Christmas card to go with the box too.

So i would like to encourage you to participate in this operation if you havent. Bless a little one this Christmas…so what are you waiting for, go pack a shoebox full of gifts and send it to the Samaritan’s Purse!

For instructions and gift ideas, read more on their website!  Be quick as the due date is drawing near!

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Road trip to Margaret River etc

On Thursday, 6 of us hit the road, travelled more than 600km return exploring the beautiful region of Margaret River.

Our first stop after 2 hours driving was Bunbury. We had brekkie there, then headed to Busselton. We went to the Canals on the Coast, climbing rocks and amazingly we spotted a few whales flipping their tails onto the surface!!! I love the rock climbing and watching the waves crashing onshore.

Then we drove on reaching margaret river region, stopping by at a few tourist attraction spots like the famous Margaret River Chocolate Shop/factory.

Lunch at a beautiful shop/café called Cape Lavender. Everything was purple in colour!

then we also visited the Olive Oil Soap Factory. trying some olive oil, olives, dips and even get our hands soapy with the soaps. My hands felt so soothingly smooth after applying the hand lotions.

we did not make it in time for the Lake caves tour, so we headed to Augusta.

In the evening, we drove all the way down south to Augusta to see the two oceans meeting point. The site was actually closed. we were 5 minutes late. But the very kind person let us in, told us to run to the lighthouse and back in 10 minutes as they will close the gate soon. and FREE of charge! it was simply awesome fun running to see the beautiful scenery.

then we stopped over at KFC for dinner before continuing the road trip back to Perth city.

A Big Thank You to my dear friends who drove and brought us around! And Thanking God for protecting us safe journeys. 😀

more breath-taking photos at my Flickr under Road trip to Margaret River etc album. 😀

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turning 23

tiramisu cake from ciao italia. Thanks Amy! 🙂

God is SO GOOD!

really appreciating all the love i received… i am saturated with love! 😛

another year gone by…growing older is just getting better! lol.

Better Days are yet to come! 😀

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hello October

Closing the previous chapter, September…rolling into O-sum October.

Starting a new photo folder – Oct 2010.




more poladroid photos on my flickr.

Have a lovely weekend~

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Japan! We are coming SOON! (via s.tick.y note.s)

WoW! An exciting news from Yoshi! Something awesome like this is all we need to keep us motivated and loving life and all that is in it! So excited for the three of you, KKY! haha! 😀

p/s: looking forward to the photos, Yoshi!

pp/s: i like the new ‘like’ button and the ‘Reblog’ function on WordPress! lol.

Japan! We are coming SOON! It’s holiday time again in 2 months! This time Kristin, Kazu and I are going to conquer Japan, from top to (almost) bottom – Hokkaido up in the north down to Hiroshima in the South.  We call it the KKY Japan Trip 2010. Although I’ve lived in Japan for the first 10 years of my life, I did not visit alot of places within Japan, maybe to my grandparents’ and cousins’ houses which were in nearby prefectures. This time our 2+ weeks travelling in Japan … Read More

via s.tick.y note.s

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Spring in my step

Spring is the season that brings new joy and a sense of freshness. It’s when people started to get more active and spend more time outdoor. It’s when the winter depression subsided and cheerfulness and uplifting moods govern our mind.

For the past few days, i have been motivating myself to put on my running shoes and leave the house for a brisk walk/jog around my neighbourhood. Good to get some sweats happening…haha.

It feels so good to be outside be it early in the morning before 8am or late evening around 6pm. I brought my camera out a few times after i spotted beautiful sights around my neighbourhood and i thought to myself that i shall bring my camera back to capture the beautiful spring flowers! 

here are some of the photos i’ve taken. more at my Flickr. 🙂

see Perth city?

oops, poor monitor was left behind from the hard rubbish collection

 For my dear friends in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, i wish i could send some sunshine across to you all! Pray that you have the JOY of the Lord that keeps you beaming on. 😀

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Rottnest Island on two wheels

clear seawater

Today is Queen’s Birthday public holiday in Perth. The alarm went off at 6am. Drove all the way to Fremantle and hopped onto the ferry across to Rottnest Island.

Chinese Young Adult Fellowship has organised a day trip to Rottnest Island. I’ve been wanting to explore Rottnest Island, even had a little note pinned to my board to remind me of my next destination: Rottnest Island. So this was a perfect opportunity for me!

It was a lovely warm day perfect for cycling! we hired bikes for $20 all day. From 8+am, we started on our journey on our bikes following the map. Then we had a lunch picnic together. There were so much food!!

After lunch, we cycled along the beaches then a little ice-cream treat before we headed back to the ferry with sore bottom and legs. lol.

I met someone new today. Meet Quokka. 🙂


Perfect day at the beach

exploring on two the sky!

The water was this clear!

designed by Cindy

I met a graphic designer, Cindy on our outing today. I like the tags she made specially for today! There’s a map on the back too! It was such an inspiration to me to meet someone who loves design and actually pursued it!

biking bliss

more breath-taking photos at my flickr. 🙂

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Dream holidays

Dreaming of holidays…lately the thought of planning for a holiday keeps appearing in my head..words like holiday, travel, trips keep floating up on me.

Janice asked me “Where is your next dream trip?”

Please consider NYC!” (oh yeah… 😉 )

AirAsia is having this crazy cheap flight offer to Japan!

chatted with a nurse on my night shift who is going to India in November and Japan for a month in January 2011! How awesome is that! It was such a lovely chat with someone who loves to travel.

again, on second night shift, another nurse chatted about his travelling experiences to Vietnam, Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Bali, London etc.

having all these conversations on travelling just increase the excitement and motivation in me!

A strong urge to travel again rises within!

out of impulse, i clicked away on airasia booking pages…and almost bought a return ticket to Japan! Almost.


RM 790 return tickets to Japan. I was so tempted! I had all these imagination of strolling down the streets of Tokyo again, travelling to other cities and counties in Japan etc.

but i got stuck at the payment page. I was contemplating…and deep down i know i should not act on sudden impulse.

and reading this post on Japan doesnt help at all! 😛

so then i decided to trash that thought of being in Tokyo again…for the time being. (but I will be back, Japan!)

and travelling solo would not be as fun as travelling with a good company!

And i want to travel with purpose, more than just having fun. Perhaps… consider travel with a mission.

the conclusion is…

i am still dreaming about the next big adventure! we’ll see…

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DIY: refurbishing

Above: Chairs that are dying to have facelifts to give them new lives again!

Janice! These chairs are calling for you!! 😛

i went for another brisk walk around my neighbourhood again today since the weather was so lovely and warm. I got excited spotting these chairs. I was thinking and imagining how to transform the old dull looks to brand new stylish looks.

It would be so much fun to spray some paints or decoupage the wooden chairs! or pin a new fabric to the cushion chairs. Awesome DIY moments. ahh.

I have all these ideas but couldn’t carry them out by the look of it. sigh.

there goes “One day when i this this this…that that that…” bufffff. 😛

Someone else should be doing these creative projects! Really!

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Japan Round #2?

A fab surprise from AirAsia today!

I received an email from them titled Moshi Moshi Japan.  (my eyes just opened wider)


Air Asia is going to fly to Tokyo starting 9 Dec 2010 til 31 July 2011!

tickets on sale 23 Sept 2010!  SPREAD THE WORD!!

Moshi Moshi LILLIAN,

This is the news all you Japanofiles have been waiting for…

AirAsia is now flying to the Land of the Rising Sun – Japan!

And to celebrate we’ve done two things: we’re offering a VERY limited time only fare that we’d like to present to you in haiku:

Grab fare to KL
Then fly to land of sumos
For 37 dollars

That’s right, KL to Haneda Airport in Tokyo from just $37.

Now that’s a wasabi hot fare!

And if you’re weirdly into haikus like we are, write one of your own on our AirAsia Australia Facebook page. It might win you a free flight!

The AirAsia Team


That Haiku cracked me up!! LOL!!

Could this mean my dream of going back to Japan is made possible? maybe definitely? possible?

i quickly texted Janice about it!

it’s crazy!!

mental blank* @_@

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Spring Clean

in the neighbourhood


It is that time of the year again when you see many large objects and broken old stuff being thrown out on the side of the road in your neighbourhood for rubbish collection. Last evening I went for a brisk walk around my neighbourhood and saw many unwanted stuff along the paths. 

throwing out old couch

It reminded me of what Janice, Mel and myself did last spring season hard rubbish collection week. We actually drove around the neighbourhood, even to North Adelaide to see if we would come across something that could be refurbished and we found a stack of plastic chairs & a table. It was so much fun to transform the old dull look to a bright artsy look. I blogged about it here.

I wonder what could be done to this couch to give it a new look. A facelift is needed! If only i have the skills and tools like what Design Sponge blogged on Before & Afters.

— — —

We also got rid of an old ripped couch as the family is getting a new couch. I sort of like the idea of a couch on the grass so I took this picture after we pushed and carried this heavy couch to the front of the house.

a big space in the living room

Now the living room looking bigger and spacious without the couch.

getting rid of long weeds

getting rid of junk in the house; attending to the garden; pulling out 1 meter tall weeds around the house; doing loads of laundry; changing the bedsheets; the things we do in spring.

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6 months on

today, 20th Sept, exactly 6 months ago i jumped on the plane that took me to another city.

just wanted to pause and remember all the Goodness of God in all circumstances.

6 months on, He is faithful.
He sees me through and through.
He grows me.
He shapes me.

His grace is sufficient.
His love and faithfulness endure forever.
I believe.
I cling on.
I could not have made it this far without the faith and peace from above.
May His will be done.
not mine, but His.

All Glory and Honor be unto His Holy Name.

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i was at the Justice of Peace office the other day and overheard this:

JP: Are you a vegetarian?

Jap guy: no.

JP: I am a vegetarian. My grandson is also a vegetarian.

I was in Coles doing grocery shopping and overheard this:

wife: look at those sad looking strawberries. no good.

husband picking up a box and nodding his head to agree with his wife.

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Lunch at Greenhouse

Lunch at GreenHouse

prawns & shiitake omelette

pasta of the day

bon appetit!

dangling in the air

Today sis and i went to check out the Greenhouse café on St. George Tce in the heart of the city.
images found via Google search
It is such a creative smart concept and you can read more about the background and the features of the quaint café on the website .
The service was professional and friendly.
 The food was good and generous with the ingredients and portion.
The atmosphere was filled with funky background music with people chattering away.
Looking outside the windows you see people walking past the café and perhaps stopped by for take-away coffees.
The interior design was quirky, dotted with little touches of nature.
the external is covered with pots of green plants as you can see above!
Greenhouse, that’s why la. haa.
and also i like the idea of a variety of drink bottles dangling in the air above the coffee bar.
The kitchen is not hidden away.
So you get to see the chefs in action!
i would definitely love to go there again. I reckon it’s a lovely place to meet up with friends over meals. 🙂
the food: honest, creative, generous and worth the dollars.
100 St. Georges Terrace
Perth WA 6000
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Christmas Island

followed by wild dreams…

i have been receiving text messages from nursing agency offering short term works at the country hospitals mostly in WA. And just then i received a rather astounding text from agency saying,

“Hi everyone! I have a great opportunity for someone to go Christmas Island Hospital starting 21/9 for 6 weeks!! Good ED skills required. Flights+accom+good rates. Pls let me know! K”

That would be raither awesome!!, i thought for a while.
Christmas Island…i have had curious thoughts about the island and also checked the flight ticket which turned out to be quite expensive!! so i abandoned the thought of checking it out. hee.

Imagine saying yes to the offer and away i go to a whole new experience! (ya-ya…if only)

Nursing is always adventurous. i agree.
Last night i worked with a fellow agency nurse from Ireland. She has only just arrived in Australia a few weeks ago. She is travelling while picking up shifts as a nurse. She’s not the first i met. I’ve met nurses who have been brave enough to go to another country to work as a nurse while fulfilling the dream of travelling. i hope i could do that too…working while travelling…staying abroad for a few months to maybe years!?

and yes we are, if anything, creatures of habit as the saying goes. It would be quite scary to step out of one’s comfort zone into the unknown circumstance. But then again, why fear. why wait. why not one be adventurous and explore the wonders of life.

easy said than done ya. I often find myself stuck in executing the wishful thinking of mine with success. (sigh)

who knows where God will lead me to next. Another city? another country? another culture?

oh well, it’s never too late to find the edge, quote Patrick Lindsay in his book…

“We set boundaries for safety.
From fear.
Because of habit.
Test them.
See why you drew them.
Push against them.
Break through them.
Feel the exhilaration.”

c’mon lil, dont just sit around and wait for something to happen…

oh ya…it’s 103 days to Christmas. A season to spread the Love. Spread Jesus to the world! x

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