Projects 2009/2010

Post-it notes (updated April 10)

Projects 2010 (updated Feb 10)

1. Note to self:  To sew…and sew better. perhaps another skirt? try sewing different projects, maybe.

i came across a stall at the vintage fair few weeks ago, selling cute little handmade bows from scraps of fabrics with different patterns & sizes. i liked some of the vintage flowery pattern ones & almost decided to get some, only to see the price $25 for a pair of bow hair pins. ugh. so putting it down again…walking away somewhat inspired to try making them myself. Janice sewn a few using her sewing machine & later i decided to try too. Above were the first 2 bows i attempted. both of us felt the sense of achievement at creating something new. To be inspired to create different pattern ones soon. {to be continued}

Projects 2009 (updated Aug 09)

D.I.Y promos =P

IMG_0645-pola1more at Flickr


Coffee Table Makeover – DIY

in progress….(finally done!)


more projects accomplished…follow the links below:


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