01-09-10 Sunny.

It’s the first day of Spring today! talking myself into getting hyper-excited for whatsoever reason… well..simply because it’s SPRING and i am really getting sick of the winter gloom hovering above me. x

08-08-10 Lovely Sunday.

Random ranting: filling my mind with the Word again…starting afresh…feel a urge of motivation however not translated into action. Guess i just have to DO IT and stop PROCRASTINATING!!!! arghh…i am such a pro in that. Pro Pro. hmm. found new tunes for my ears – Alternative Acoustic Andrew Belle + Contemporary Christian music The Swift. + singing beautiful glorious hymns in the choir….listening to them on youtube. So i lifted my bottoms off the chair and walked out to the fresh air for approx half an hour and returned when the sky was loosing its source of light. Peaceful neighbourhood. there i was exploring. trying to get fit again. ha. enough said.

18-04-10 (29 32 degree)

blasting the stereo, travelling at 100km/hr, singing at the top of my lungs – the way to start a Sunday morning driving to church singing “This is Our God” by Hillsong followed by other wonderful songs from the album.

me in the choir. yes. i want to sing beautiful hymns to God as a part of the choir. =D

lunch at HK BBQ with sis. just the two of us. just sisters like the old days. then EasyWay bubble teas – refreshing green apple green tea with lychee jelly for me, a jasmine milk tea with pearls for her.

an afternoon giving comments on the 1000+ photos the couple have to browse through to pick 300 photos for their wedding album, while watching youtubes 😛

whistling while driving. searching for some golden classic chinese songs on youtube.

and more youtubes…

and attempting to bust a move watching closely at the Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry dance tutorial. lol.

new hopes for the week ahead!


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