{archive 2009}

Here i’ll post random thoughts/things i saw/observed, heard, smelt (perhaps?), tasted, felt, experienced. or any interesting findings i’d come across; things that caught my attention…from my little green-covered notebook.

Since my trip to Sydney last November 08, i’ve been carrying a little palm-sized green-plastic-covered notebook with a ‘Staedtler triplus fineliner’ pen, every now and then, as i go out on the streets.

Yes, i stick to conventional methods of jotting things down. Pen & Paper. Trust me, it’s a lot more fun! you can scribble, doodle, scribble again, coffee-stained it and so on. And it gets messy, but fun to read/look back on the pages i’ve left trails of scribble & doodle.

it’s like my ‘external brain-memory-database’ as i am a very forgetful person. Suffering the consequence of forgetfulness is ain’t much fun & ok. Some of us may have had terrible experiences when we forget things.

it is also an ‘I-dea’ book to me where i would scribble phrases of things i’ve seen, ideas on art & crafts, fashion, designs, food, music, lyrics  and so on.

Current colour of the pen – pink.

Just randoms.


  1. Had an enjoyable bus ride to city – sat in a free connector solar-electric bus. A baby/toddler in a pram calling out “Daaa-dy” 😛
  2. A super-red-haired middle-aged lady.
  3. A carplate that read ‘Mr Z’. How cool is that.
  4. Indian food for lunch with bro. Tasted not-so-spicy-but-good dishes of chicken vindaloo (curry) & lamb rogan josh (curry) with basmati (long-grain) rice.
  5. Tattoos of chinese characters on the back of the lower-part neck.
  6. visited a Justice- of-peace (JP) to certify my documents – Arrived earlier than my appointment time; happened to be no one there.
  7. Browsing at wedding magazines in Borders – finding ideas on flower bouquets, wedding invitation cards, bridesmaid’s gowns.
  8. Browsing for Baptism card ideas in Word Bookstore.
  9. Walking in the shades. 🙂
  10. Emails & smses…nowadays we rely so much on these inventions…Thank God for sciences & technology.


  1. Ordered a bouquet of roses for sis’s pre-wedding photoshooting.
  2. visit the bank; changed my address detail.
  3. saw a black 3 series BMW with a carplate that says ‘CHEF’. (hmm, imagine ‘NURSE’ for my car…lol!
  4. Took the free tram from King William St to Vic SQ.
  5. Groceries shopping again!! haha…each time i go, i bought what i can carry; food for 2-3 days supply.
  6. bought chinese reddish, mushrooms, beans, pork chops for soup tonight. The soup turned out really well! Good for winter i reckon.
  7. took a free connector bus home. Met a friend at bus-stop.
  8. visited my cousin Linda whom i haven’t met up for a while now.
  9. A nice evening walk to a friend’s house.
  10. it felt like 19 degree.
  11. The thoughts of Amazing Race hosted by OCF this Thursday excite me >.<
  12. The thought of the weather  forecast of 36 degree on Thursday makes me frown.
  13. a chat with sis on the phone. 🙂


  1. A really hot day of 39degree max is expected.
  2. But thank God for the clouds and shades. 🙂
  3. slip, slop, slap.
  4. Amazing Race – Adelaide hosted by OCF Ade Uni.
  5. A fun day ‘running’ with the team.
  6. Roadblock, detour 😛
  7. Solving puzzle under a big tree in Vic SQ.
  8. Tram rides.
  9. 99C free bus ride to Botanic Garden – Wisteria Lane, our pitstop!
  10. Picnic in the Botanic Garden. Fried rice, salad, fruits & pizzas =)
  11. Sucking a block of ice.
  12. Sitting in front of a fan.
  13. A cooling shower.
  14. A BIG thank U goes out to the hosting team & those that helped out!!! =) Great Race we had!
  15. Tuning into Life.fm – weather updates, traffic updates, beautiful music.
  16. A walk to the library with Janice. Borrowed some craft books & a cookie recipe book! 🙂
  17. A good day for laundry! haha…my clothes all dried up in the heat! 38-39degree!
  18. Speaking mandarin with Mel who wants to learn mandarin.
  19. made strawberry flavoured Easiyo yogurt.
  20. Janice’s mum makes really good barley ‘fu zhuk’ dessert soup. yumm.
  21. Listening to lifehouse’s ‘breathing’.


  1. Singing along ‘Home’ by Michael Buble while driving home on Friday night.
  2. A Smart Car with the carplate that reads ‘CLEVER’. very Smart indeed!
  3. High heels.
  4. 23 degree. lovely.
  5. Holy Communion Sunday.
  6. Blue cheese. Baked. Smelling cheezy…
  7. A pink Volkswagen with the carplate that reads ‘JenJen’. so cute.
  8. a bowl of warm soup.
  9. making Origami with the kids this am.
  10. fetching bro back to HH.
  11. holding my guitar again since a long while ago. 🙂


  1. Exodus 25-30.
  2. car service.
  3. A day with Aunty L. 🙂
  4. a walk in the Botanic Garden with Aunty L.
  5. camera batteries flat.
  6. Lunch with Aunty L – yum-cha in chinatown. 🙂
  7. asian groceryshopping.
  8. looking for a food weighing scale.
  9. Good news from bro! 🙂 – to start uni now instead of Jul
  10. Rain! 🙂 yay…thank God for the rain; restoring this piece of dry land…
  11. Smell of chicken rice..cooking away…
  12. to Rymill park later.
  13. walked to the Garden of unearthly delights with housemates.



  1. An umbrella day.
  2. Rainy day.
  3. light scattered showers.
  4. rain-drops-sound.
  5. Autumn.
  6. freshness.
  7. yellow, gold, amber, orange leaves.
  8. Wonder of the World – Rush of Fools.
  9. yellow cardigan; a pair of jeans; a pair of brown flat heel shoes.
  10. Back in hospital again, after 3 months…
  11. counting down the days to the start of work! enthusiastic about it!
  12. got the appointment to measure my uniform & take ID photo this Thur
  13. lunch at Penang Hawker stall. 🙂
  14. still searching for a food weighing scale…a conventional scale at a reasonable price.
  15. Ikea trip with Aunty L. got my table lamp exhanged! working now!
  16. A walk to library. Got some DVDs for Aunty L. some good inspirational books.
  17. ThinkColour. (book)
  18. Cookbooks.
  19. walked in my babyblue crocs.
  20. A chat with mum on the phone.
  21. A chat with sis on the phone.
  22. A chat with bro on the phone.
  23. Happy day. 🙂
  24. PTL.
  25. an email from Canberra.
  26. Breezy cool day.
  27. Jan tuned my guitar! 🙂 ready to jam..lol.
  28. coldplay -fix you.
  29. yogurt. healthy homemade easiyo yogurt.
  30. Show me what i’m looking for – Carolina liar.
  31. Gtalking.
  32. cold feet.
  33. 21degree tomorrow!
  34. putting on my new blue-stars-patterned wool PJ.
  35. making cards.
  36. peaceful melody…
  37. current colour of the pen – RED.


  1. Got my uniform on Thursday. img_2555
  2. Thursday night, drove to Morphett Vale, about half an hour away from the city. We missed the exit on the Southern Expressway. Ended up almost at McLaren Vale. In the end, managed to find our way to S&S’ house. was 10min late. Lovely homemade dessert by Sarah.
  3. stayed at home, baking cookies the whole Friday morning.img_2571
  4. Afternoon went grocery shopping in the central market.
  5. Green bags.
  6. Praise God for the new people in DG last night. Getting to know each other and sharing thoughts and experience. was a bit awkward at first. But, thank God there’s help from fellow ocfers to break the ‘ice’.
  7. Disciplee, Wendy & her friends came over for dinner yesterday. We had chicken rice, chicken soup, stir-fried mixed veggies, fishballs/cakes dish.
  8. Chicken soup turned out really good.
  9. bro stayed over last night. sent him to work early this morning.
  10. enjoyed packing morning tea & lunch for him. 🙂
  11. washed my car 1st at self-service car wash. it was fun! foam brush, super strong-forced water gun. Car is once again clean! Felt a sense of achievement. 😛
  12. Breakfast at Chianti Classico at Hutt St with my ex-highschool friends. One just came over recently to study. =) Love the atmosphere of the cafe; the food & service were good. Had a cup of skinny cap & lightly poached smoked cod fillets with poached egg with hollandaise sauce.
  13. walked along Hutt St for a while. Lovely day for a walk.
  14. Thinking of cycling one of these days.
  15. managed to ‘save’ Adeline’s mobilephone. she accidentally dropped it on the roadside. drove one round back and found it still there in one piece! Thank God. 🙂
  16. Delta Goodrem: Out of the Blue. Life.fm.
  17. Church meeting. 1:30-5:45pm.
  18. many tasks to do. Need strength to carry on.
  19. encouraged. a phone call from Canberra. an email from Hobart.
  20. It’s the thought that counts.
  21. a pair of black socks.
  22. a warm wheat bag for the tired shoulders.
  23. Beautiful Sunday comin’ up.


  1. Adelaide Cup Day = public holiday
  2. sent bro to work at 7am.
  3. made 12 cupcakes at 7:30am.
  4. the  ‘choc mousse cake’ i made last night turned out not so good, but still edible 😛
  5. exco meeting. 1Tim1:1-7
  6. unagi!! got the unagi.
  7. Fringe art-walk ‘outing’ with Jan & Cheryl.
  8. walked around the blocks in the city; and decided to drive to the place  in the end, so walked back to house to get the car.
  9. Mini arts display.
  10. dinner with lcec. bbq. sharing & bonding among committees. praying together for our church.
  11. feeling refreshed.
  12. Jan made my day by making iced choc milkshake with vanilla ice-cream, to go with a piece of my ‘choc mousse cake’. Cups and saucers.



  1. Finally finished Exodus, moving on to Leviticus. PTL.
  2. a call to mum. 🙂
  3. a walk to the library.
  4. saw this cool van img_2656
  5. saw a car plate that reads ‘LUV 916’.
  6. a quick glance at the word ‘BURGESS’ it looked like ‘BURGERS’ (Burgess is actually a jewellery shop…lols)
  7. baked choc chips muffins & blueberry cheesecake cupcakes.
  8. cooked lunch for bro.
  9. went to the central market.
  10. celery $1.50.
  11. bought an avocado. $1.50.
  12. Unagi nigiri & chawanmushi for dinner. simply enjoyable. 🙂img_2681
  13. reading chapter one of ‘Equipping for Missions’.
  14. finally finished my online TR 457 visa application. phew.
  15. reflective thinking. jotting down notes.
  16. DG, EXCO, LCEC emailing and admin stuff.
  17. practised  a bit more on guitar chords. 🙂
  18. Less of me, more of Him.

19/03/09 (a collection of sribbled thoughts/observations for the past few days)

  1. visa approved few days ago. PTL! =)
  2. walk. walk. walk.
  3. i love to walk.
  4. i love walking.
  5. been walking to  and back from hospital for the last 3 days.
  6. i took a different route by foot, home. it was interesting and relaxing to see the different sides of the city which i barely/hardly ever come across. I make it an aim to set foot on a different route each time, just to inspire different thoughts and feeling.
  7. walked past an art gallery. wanted to go in one of these days during the opening hours.
  8. walked past a shoe-repair/leather shop.
  9. Got an extra hole on my belt. =)
  10. the smell of shoe polish.
  11. a walk through the Adelaide Arcade.
  12. Haigh’s Easter Eggs.
  13. Mary Potter Hospice Op-shop.
  14. Adelaide Bank City Beach ( a patch of sandy area for beach volley ball games)
  15. The walk to a friend’s house is never long.
  16. Career expo. freebies.
  17. a sms from my since-high-sch-now-a nurse-too friend. =)
  18. a call to Canberra.
  19. A prayer over the phone.
  20. You picked me up, when i fall and burst into tears.
  21. God is only a Prayer away.


  1. 17 degree. Sunny day.
  2. a good sleep helped to clear the weary mind & worried heart.
  3. Putting on my uniform. Searching for my nurses’ watch once again after some times, tucked away in my drawer.
  4. Road closed. Clipsal Car racing began this morning. img_2841
  5. Walked on an alternate route to get to the hospital. Still on time. Phew*
  6. 4th day of orientation. Met nurse managers first thing in the morning.
  7. Blood Glucose Test (BGL) Accreditation. Pricked my own finger. my BGL was 4.5mmol/L at 10am. 🙂
  8. Lunch on the bench, outside in the open space. Just enjoying the breeze and God’s presence & beautiful creations. 🙂
  9. sent to the ward after lunch. my heart was racing. felt there’re butterflies in my stomach. a little anxious.
  10. it’s daunting. it’s awkward. it’s out of my comfort zone. Now.
  11. Ironically, back in the familiar ward setting…after months being away. It’s all coming back slowly…the rush, the busy, distracting environment. It’s all happening!
  12. Met the Clinical Service Coordinator of Q5 – ENT, Head & Neck, Oral-Masillo facial surgery. Friendly and approacable. =)
  13. Met a senior staff nurse who did not make me feel nervous. Friendly nurse. =)
  14. flipped through the Q5 orientation folder.
  15. Got to find out more/read on ‘Tracheostomy’, ‘ Otitis Externa’, ‘Neuro-ophtalmology’ etc. * eyebrows raised*
  16. Got my roster (28/3-24/4/09) Unfortunately, sadly i’ll have to work on 2 Sunday mornings. 😦 hmmm….hopefully no more after that.
  17. Went to the newsagency in the hospital, read some interesting greeting cards full of meaningful wordings. 🙂 Uplifting and encouraging. Made my day. Brightened me up. 🙂
  18. My pretty-always cheerful-smiley-face Support Nurse, Laura is so friendly and eager to help, approacable.
  19. Hot Cross buns.
  20. Went to watch ‘The Confession of a Shopaholic’ with Jan & Mel.
  21. Thanks to Jan for the lovely treat!
  22. we were stuck in the trafficjam in the city, due to the road closure etc…
  23. but, yea! we were late, But…we didnt miss the beginning of the movie.
  24. Thumbs up for the movie. I would rate 4.5 out of 5 for this beautiful good story- movie. 🙂
  25. a dialogue from the movie sounded something like this: ” …you talk Prada?”
  26. we laughed out loud. a couple good laughs.
  27. Tomorrow morning, picking sis up from airport before going to work.
  28. Ward-based Orientation tomorrow.
  29. time for bed. soon. i need enough sleep.
  30. from the card cover: “Love is the best part of waking up every day and the best part of going to sleep and the best part of life in general.” – Ashley Rice


  1. 34degree. HOT.
  2. blue orchids for Jez on her graduation.img_2960
  3. blue dress, blue sky, blue orchids, blue sash, blue lines.img_2975
  4. contemplating…on dental issue.
  5. oh..my third molars (Q: why called wisdom teeth?)
  6.  A: The last teeth to develop and erupt into the jaws are called the third molars. Third molars usually erupt in the late teen years, which coincides with passage into adulthood and is referred to by some as the age of wisdom; hence “wisdom teeth”. Unfortunately, the wisdom teeth are now usually trying to erupt into a jaw that is too small.wisdomtooth
  8. considering the risk and consequences of taking the wisdom teeth out.
  9. fresh shiitake mushrooms.
  10. free connector bus ride home. ‘Lucky’ by Jason Mraz feat Colbie Caillat playing at background.
  11. A call to Canberra. =)
  12. leaving 99 by audio adrenaline playing on…
  13. Memorizing Bible verse – 2 Tim 3:16-17 “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.”
  14. a call from mum. =)



Full moon tonight =)

IMG_1163saw this cute red car again this evening. This time with the second fine attached to the windscreen. =P

IMG_1138-polaThis was taken on last Sunday.

P8040187-polaCongratulations, Mel on your graduation. =)

IMG_11691st Sewing Class this morning =)




  1. Sounds fun!

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